Supply Chain

Internationally accepted quality regulations stipulate that distributors of medical devices and pharmaceutical products must align their operations with the standards. The scheme ensures that consistent quality management systems are in place throughout your entire supply chain. At Medwing we follow all norms of Good distribution practices through an established system of Quality and written Quality Management system in our MOH Licensed warehouse.

In accordance with local regulations, our warehouse boasts of a state of the art, continuous temperature and humidity management system with direct alerts to Warehouse and Quality department staff in case of any deviations in permissible limits of temperature and humidity in the warehouse.

Medwing warehouse is a CCTV monitored; fully temperature mapped facility that ensures storage at both 2-8 degree Celsius and 15-25 degree Celsius, with a dedicated functioning cold room to store products at lower temperatures.

The Supply chain also includes dedicated temperature-mapped vans for delivery of all our product ranges.

Our transport and warehouse departments work very closely together and are in constant communication with respect to coordinating, picking, loading and delivering in conjunction with a scheduling requirement of our clients. Our warehouse staff and drivers are fully Quality trained for interacting through the medicinal supply chain and are highly trained in chilled refrigeration transport.

Management plays a fundamental role in ensuring GDP compliance. This is achieved through operational support and by providing adequate resources and training on relevant EU GDP guideline based Quality system followed at Medwing.